Before Baby Antenatal Programme

What is Before Baby:

A carefully designed and accredited antenatal education programme for vulnerable families. Developed in 2009 by Lucy Dolly the programme has evolved and grown to encompass all aspects of support for more vulnerable families in the antenatal and postnatal period.

What is the format:

The licensed format is a 6 week antenatal education programme providing the opportunity for parents to learn, bond and feel confident about their forthcoming new arrival. This is followed by 2 further sessions postnatally to ensure the peer support and engagement of parents continues.

Why is it different to other antenatal programmes:

Our accreditation with the NOCN and engaging work booklet provides the parents the opportunity to not only learn but also gain a certificate in pregnancy and parenting. The format of the sessions focusses on the practical aspects as well as the emotional feelings that can surface in families throughout pregnancy and the postnatal period. We have also developed an engagement process to ensure a good level of success of parents attending the groups and continuing to do so.

Who is Before Baby for:

This programme has been developed for more vulnerable (tier 3/4) parents and is not currently offered for Universal delivery. Generally attendance at universal antenatal sessions is good and parents will attend, this is not the same for parents who need more support, encouragement and guidance during pregnancy. This could include; teenage parents, parents with learning difficulties, emotional health concerns, social care involvement, substance misuse.

  • Improve parents confidence and skills to parent their newborn baby
  • Improve bonding and communication with baby whilst in the womb
  • Awareness of emotional and physical changes during pregnancy and birth
  • Improved health awareness for their pregnancy and beyond
  • Confident about feeding options for their baby.
  • Improved knowledge and confidence about labour, birth and pain relief.
  • Creation of peer support and connections for life after baby is born