My name is Lucy Dolly and I am the founder and Director of Engage Antenatal CIC.  I have been and delivering antenatal education for nearly 20 years and am very passionate about all aspects of pregnancy, birth and parental support.

My passion was ignited with the birth of my first child in 1997 at home.  An option I had never even considered until my midwife in Hertfordshire offered the choice.  Not being a lover of hospitals I jumped at the chance whilst still being a little apprehensive. It was a long labour but I managed at home and was so proud and grateful for the opportunity.  From this point my passion and interest was boundless, I needed to know more and I wanted all women to have the support and options that I had.

I began my 3 year course to become a HND qualified antenatal teacher, baby massage instructor and breastfeeding specialist and have not stopped learning – I love helping and supporting women and families through this experience and watching their families grow, I think this gives me the biggest high.

The development of the Before Baby programme is a dream come true for me.  My life’s work put into a programme to offer additional support and education to more vulnerable families.  We currently deliver this programme across the Leicestershire County to over 350 parents a year.